Why Health Projects?

  • Access to healthcare and a good health are the very basis that vulnerable populations need to rebuild their lives on.
  • Wounded and other patients have the right to receive treatment and rehabilitation that facilitates their reintegration into society.
  • We want to protect vulnerable individuals, particularly women, from early marriage and gender-based violence. It is their right to be aware about their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


A formerly well-functioning health system has broken down almost entirely as a consequence of the Syrian war, leaving health facilities under-resourced and patients untreated. The constant and intense bombing campaigns as well as regular shelling of civilian facilities, including health centers, has not only led to an increasing demand for health care but also to the acute paucity of such.

Many qualified health care workers have fled the country and medical treatment is widely unavailable. At the same time, the demand for treatment is growing in the context of war.

To respond to the most urgent and basic health care needs, Emissa has established primary and secondary health care centers as well as physiotherapy centers in central and northern Syria, providing a large number of civilians with health care every month.

Our Approach

  • Physiotherapy centers, where well-trained physiotherapists and orthopedic doctors work tirelessly to decrease suffering related to trauma, physical issues and pain.
  • Primary and secondary health care centers for ordinary and wounded patients.
  • Awareness sessions for men and women of different age groups on sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as on the risks of early and forced marriage.


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