Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Why WaSH projects?

  • Civilians, particularly those living in camps, need to have access to clean water and safe sanitation facilities. This will not only reduce health risks, but allow them to regain their dignity.
  • Waste and sewage systems need to be rehabilitated for the improvement of environmental conditions.
  • We want to protect civilians from the spread of illness and disease related to the lack of services.


Emissa has been working in the WaSH sector in Syria for several years, responding to the destruction or non-availability of water, sanitation and waste facilities. The widespread destruction of infrastructure has disastrous consequences for the health and well-being of people.

Our main areas of intervention are the local communities of Homs Northern Countryside and the camps of internally displaced people in Idlib, where communities are most severely affected by the lack of available services. The poor sanitation and hygiene conditions in camps lead to the rapid spread of diseases. Emissa is responding with a variety of WaSH projects in order to create a long-lasting healthy environment and decent living conditions.

Our Approach

  • Waste management, including waste removal and garbage collection as well as the rehabilitation of landfills.
  • The implementation and rehabilitation of sewage systems, particularly vital in camp areas with tents and temporary housing, where diseases spread faster.
  • The implementation and maintenance of water networks as well as water trucking to ensure that civilians have access to clean drinking water and water for sanitation services.
  • Hygiene kits and hygiene promotion to raise awareness for and support safe hygiene practices.


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